Serene Teffaha

Principal Lawyer


Serene has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors.

She has worked with the Australian Taxation Office (‘ATO’) for over 12 years, including as a Senior Lawyer in the Objections Team. In that capacity she has resolved complex matters involving serious non-compliance, capital gains tax, goods and services tax, PAYG, superannuation, international taxation issues, taxation of financial arrangements and income and deductions (for both individuals and businesses) to name a few.

She has then translated this inside knowledge into defending clients who have been unjustly pursued by large bureaucratic establishments. She has dealt with complex matters involving the ATO, Private Banks, Reserve Bank, ASIC and large corporate employers.

She has also built tremendous experience and knowledge, through pro-bono work, in resolving complex family law matters, often involving serious domestic violence issues.

Serene is passionate about social justice issues that impact on the rights of employees and students. She understands the ramifications of bad behaviours well including sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, vilification and victimisation. She is also very well versed in the art of challenging bad organisational responses to complaints about bad behaviours. Serene has assisted many employees and students reclaim their dignity in the process of being targeted or dismissed for their complaints by the institutions that are supposed to protect them.

Serene is an active member of the Law Institute of Victoria and the Tax Institute of Australia.


Katarina Mayer

Taxation Consultant


Initially focused in the private sector with tax for small enterprise, Katarina went on to work at the ATO.

During her accomplished 12-year career, as a tax professional at the ATO, Katarina worked on general compliance, dealt with GST matters (local and international), and performed tax risk analysis. Katarina also has broad-spectrum compliance experience in basic returns, objections, litigation preparation and rulings.

During Katarina’s time at the ATO, she specialised in trust and complex structures, legislative interpretation and practical application.

Katarina is also a qualified adult educator, who developed advanced training material and courses, for executive and graduate audiences.