Having a combined counselling and legal background, Serene will provide you with the understanding and patience to navigate through the pain and trauma often associated with Family Law processes, focusing on early resolution rather than litigation. Serene has personally assisted many women, men and children escape abusive households. She is an accredited counsellor with Lifeline.
Serene, and her team of specialist consultants, will assist you with both civil and criminal matters relating to Family Law, Relationships & Domestic Violence.


We will help you with all aspects of disputes under the Family Law Act 1975 (Commonwealth) including your children and property:

  • Alternatives to going to court.
  • Family violence or child abuse.
  • How to apply to a court.
  • Preparing for a court case involving children or property disputes.
  • Affidavits.
  • Disclosure and subpoenas.
  • Trials and final hearings.
  • What happens once an order is made.
  • Where to get help.

We will help you with all aspects of parenting arrangements and child contact:

  • Drafting parenting plans.
  • Drafting parenting orders.
  • Obtaining consent orders.
  • Assisting with family dispute resolutions.
  • Relocating children.
  • Caring for children when you are not their parent.
  • Supervised contact arrangements.
  • Issues involving alleged abductions.
  • Issues involving passport applications.
  • Amending parenting orders or agreements.
  • Breaches of parenting orders or agreements.

We will help you with:

  • Dividing your property.
  • Reaching an out-of-court binding financial agreement.
  • Getting consent orders approved by the Court.
  • Going to Court to get financial orders.
  • Amending financial agreements or orders.
  • Applying for divorce.
  • Going to Court to get a divorce.
  • Applying for divorce when the other party is absent.
  • Using family dispute resolution processes.
  • Financial maintenance for partners.
  • Annulment of marriages.
  • Dealing with bankruptcy.
  • Dealing with superannuation.
  • Appeal processes.
  • Annulment processes.

We will help you with:

  • Making your own agreement about child support.
  • Liaising with Department of Human Services to make a child support assessment.
  • Appealing child support assessments.
  • Getting your entitlements to childbirth expenses.
  • Adult child support maintenance applications for over-18’s.
  • Proving who the father is.

We can help you by:

  • Reporting the behaviour to the Police and ongoing liaison with Police on your behalf
  • Making a child protection notification to the Department of Human Services.
  • Supporting you and your child during a child protection case in Court (where there is a Court-appointed lawyer for your child).
  • Negotiating to re-unite you with your child if there is a wrongful case made against you.

We can help you with all aspects of obtaining family violence intervention orders:

  • Applying for an interim intervention order pending final hearing.
  • Making and attending an appointment with Court Registrars.
  • Specifying the right conditions on an application form for an intervention order, including in the intervention order a child/children affected by family violence.
  • Applying on behalf of a child between 14-18 for an intervention order in their own right.
  • Requesting for the suspension, variation or discharge of a parenting order that is affected by the application for an intervention order for a child/children.
  • Liaison with the Police on your behalf to issue a family violence safety notice, seek an interim order or seek final intervention orders.
  • Assist you in getting a warrant of arrest from the court against the perpetrator.
  • Represent you at the final hearing for the application for an intervention order.
  • Help you make special arrangements with the Court if you fear for your safety.
  • Prepare the evidence for the final hearing including; witnesses & summonses, photos, letters or other evidence of threats or intimidation, medical evidence, police statements or other legal documents.
  • Assist you to report to the Police any breaches of an intervention order and seek enforcement.